Midnight Jack...A New Brewery with a Long History

We would like to welcome you all to what we hope will be an exciting journey. We are in the beginning phase of our start up brewery.  We will be maintaining a journal so that you can all follow along on our progress.  We hope that you will all be as excited as we are as we take these first steps towards the opening of our first brewery location.  We have a lot of plans that we will layout over the coming months.  First, I would like to share a little background on our story. 

Way back in the late 20's, my grandfather was a part-time bootlegger in Newark, NJ.  Jack, as he was known to his friends and family, was an auto mechanic turning wrenches in a little corner garage.  Few actually knew that to make ends meet, he would run beer and spirits to and from Virginia a few nights per month. To those few who knew about his side work he became known as 'Midnight Jack'.  

After some time of running beer, Jack decided to expand his enterprise by opening a speakeasy out of the warehouse space in the back of his garage.  It was the best kept secret in Newark.  After prohibition ended however, so did the speakeasy and Jack returned to the quiet life of a mechanic.   Midnight Jack faded into history and soon became a bit of folk lore.

Like my grandfather, I am an auto mechanic by trade.  I began home brewing about 27 years ago.  I was living at the Jersey Shore and back then I would make semi-monthly trips to the areas only home brew supply store about 20 miles away.  I learned very early the importance of pure, high quality ingredients.  By that I mean that I have had my fair share of exploding beer bottles. :)

In 2006, put down roots in Oceanside, CA with my wife and our two children.  It wasn't long before I was neck deep in the San Diego beer scene.  I began entering home brew competitions and was soon scooping up medals including the Samuel Adams Long Shot Western Division honor.  Eventually, I became a BJCP beer judge and I have been active in many of the local and national competitions including the San Diego International Beer Festival.  

Like my grandfather, I have a passion for making great beer and sharing it with my friends.  I make it a point to use only the finest ingredients.  The result is unquestionably flavorful and unique beer.  To me, brewing beer is not a hobby - its a lifestyle.  It is meant to be experienced and enjoyed.  

In the coming months, Midnight Jack Brewing  will continue to update everyone on our progress.  We have a lot of exciting plans for the future and we hope that you will all consider taking the ride with us.  You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Hope to see you soon.

Jack -