The Echo Room at Midnight Jack has hosted a number of intimate shows for local, regional and national touring acts.  The venue can host up to 300 guests standing room only.  Special events are permitted on the grounds with permits and must be arranged in advance.


Key Point of Contact:

We also work closely with the San Diego Music League (SDML) please contact Vania Zamora (

We prefer EPKs, website and social media links. Send any hard goods to:

The Echo Room c/o Midnight Jack Brewing Co., 3801 Oceanic Drive Ste 101, Oceanside CA 92056

Expectations / Requirements of Bands for Performance

Advance all aspects of show production (stage plot, input list, etc) to

Band Equipment - Artists must supply their own equipment; The Echo Room at Midnight Jack Brewing does not provide a backline.

Midnight Jack will provide a full PA and lighting.  Please forward any special equipment needs to the venue asap  

Marketing & Promotion

Katherine Scheri:

The Echo Room at Midnight Jack requires artists to put a significant promotional effort toward their performance.  While we promote all shows via our website, social media, calendar listings, and other available avenues of promotion, experience has proven that when bands assist in their own promotion, the shows are more successful. If you are in need of media plans or press lists, please contact the marketing contact directly.

  • Handbills / posters - Send show-specific materials to the venue w/ the show date and artist’s name on front of envelope: to: The Echo Room c/o Midnight Jack Brewing Co., 3801 Oceanic Dr., Ste 101 Oceanside CA 92056. Promotional materials should be provided a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the concert date.

  • Provide electronic copy of poster in PDF, Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop. Please provide to the venue for approval prior to distribution and printing.

  • Utilize all online outlets available to band and connect with us on social media. Our network: FB: @midnightjackbrewing @theechoroom (when creating an event on FB, please include Midnight Jack Brewing and The Echo Room as a co-host) // Twitter: @midnightjackbrw // IG: @midnightjackbrewing

  • Shows are not to be advertised as All Ages unless expressly authorized by the venue in the artist agreement

  • Ticketed events are organized by The Echo Room at Midnight Jack Brewing Co. The Echo Room at Midnight Jack exclusively utilizes for all events. We find that it is significantly more cost-effective for ticket-buyers. If a ticketed event is scheduled, we will provide you with a ticket link for your website and social media and you will be able to easily track your ticket sales online. We will provide full transparency in reporting. You will be provided with ticketing reports that will include total tickets sold, fee if any, and sales tax collected

  • While we prefer bands sell tickets using electronic sales, if you desire paper tickets, they can be provided with sequential numbering so that they can be tracked.

  • Please note that The Echo Room at Midnight Jack Brewing does not participate in pay-to-play. While we would like artists and bands to participate in their own success story, we do not require bands to pay for the use of our venue. We want you to be successful and we want to provide a great place for you to play. The more you promote - the more tickets you sell - the more you sell - the more fans see you and the more popular you become. Popularity breeds success.